What’s Twitter? It’s That Thing We Just Joined

What is this thing called Twitter? Oh, right – it’s that “thing” we just joined. And by thing, we mean social network. Or should we say social networking service? Or should we just say that place where Donald Trump “tweets” some very…. interesting things? Whatever the case, it’s the latest social network that we’ve decided to join and we just wanted to let you all know that we’re there in case you care to follow us @7thseasondotcom.

7thSeason On Twitter
This is a glimpse of our page on Twitter. Check us out @7thseasondotcom

While you can find our website at 7thSeason.com, the Twitter account (“handle”) was already taken so we went with one that’s a little less catchy (@7thseasondotcom) but straight to the point. We’re pretty sure you can all decipher its meaning, but if you for some odd reason are unable to, we’ll explain. It’s our name, 7thSeason, followed by “dotcom,” which is for “.com” (the domain extension used by our website’s primary domain). And when we say primary, we do mean only because it’s our only domain name currently in use with our site.

This has quickly become one very strange way of telling people that we’re on Twitter on where to find us so we’re going to cut this short and wish you all a wonderful holiday season!