Photo: Snow Covered New England Forest, December 2016

With winter’s arrival, the scenery around New England has suddenly undergone a drastic change. Thankfully, being enthusiastic about going outdoors and tromping around in the snow has those of us at more than just a little excited about the prospects that winter offers: snowboarding, skiing, hiking, snowmobiling, sledding, etc. For us, this is one of our favorite times of year and we can’t help but look forward to a white Christmas on the slopes because what could be better than shredding some fresh pow over the holidays? In our book, not much.

December 2016 New England Snow
This is a photograph taken in the mountains of New England in December 2016. ©

We take this time to remind all of you to enjoy your winter as the seasons change and next thing you know we’ll be back to the muddy season – you know, that point in time that arrives each year when the snow melts, the water runs, and the woods are filled with mud. Then the flowers return, but so do the bugs. And with it all, we enjoy every moment and suggest you do the same. But for now, here’s to hot cocoa, warm fireplaces, big puffy jackets, snowshoes, dogs with builtin winter coats, snowmen, and of course, all that beautiful fresh powder to shred.