Outdoor Gear Review Sites That Don’t Suck

There are so many review sites around these days, but a noticeable problem is that they’re not all made equal. While some of the are absolutely incredible and tackle all of the issues that one would want to see addressed, others are blatantly terrible. Fortunately, those of us at 7th Season realized this and decided to make one that doesn’t suck, which you can find at 7thSeason.com (duh).

New England Winter, Frozen Pond
This photograph, which shows an island on a frozen pond in winter, was taken in New England. © 7thSeason.com

Reviewing outdoor gear is no easy task, but it is most certainly a fun one that keeps us entertained. Who wouldn’t enjoy testing kayaks, snowboards, and other fun winter toys? Not us. We love it. That’s why this entire endeavor makes so much sense to us. We’re testing the stuff anyways, so why not share our findings with the masses? Makes sense, right?

Now that we’ve launched our website, we have a long road ahead of us – an endless road in reality. One in which we’ll review the seemingly endless stream of new seasonal products in a never ending quest to find the best of the best.

At this point, we’re fully intent on reviewing gear for every season. This includes gear for camping, kayaking, snowboarding, bicycling, hiking, and more. If you want to stay up to date with what’s happening here at 7th Season, be sure to follow our blog here on WordPress because we intend on updating it regularly to keep you all informed with what we’re up to.

Right now, for example, we just ordered a new product, one which we’ll keep under wraps for now, and it’s an exciting one that’s specifically designed for cold climates. If you want to know what it is and what we think about it, you’ll just have to stay tuned for now and wait until we shed light on what it is we’re about to review. Until then, we suggest taking a look at our already large number of reviews on our website. There’s all kinds of cool gear on there and there’s most definitely more to come.

Until next time, enjoy this thing called life!