Our Website Is Admittedly Slow, Here’s Why

So we recently launched our website but before we did, we knew it was going to be somewhat slow. The reason for this is the hosting provider we chose and the hosting package with that provider that we opted for. We knew up front, after having used it before, the results were going to be less than impressive. So why’d we do it? Money.

We didn’t want to spend a lot of money up front on web hosting for this website because it doesn’t need it, not yet anyways. Once the site begins to get some noticeable traffic, something substantial, we’ll upgrade the hosting. Chances are, we’ll probably move it to another hosting provider entirely. We already have some in mind but until the site is moving, we’ll just let it sit right where it’s at.

But while we knew the site was going to load relatively slow for visitors until we migrated it to a new, faster host, we were curious just how slow it was loading so we headed over to a website that performs free site speed tests called GTmetrix and ran a quick scan. In line with our assumptions, the results of that test indicated that our site is indeed quite slow.

While the server itself that our website is hosted on is located in the U.S., the server used to test our site’s speed is located in Vancouver, Canada. While it’s not on the other side of the world, distance does matter. According to the scan report, our site has a “D” YSlow rating of 64% and a “C” PageSpeed score of 75%. Our load time for the homepage turned out to be 5.2s, which is by no means fast, although it isn’t terribly-terribly slow. Are we worried about it? Not at all. As soon as we’re starting to get some visitors, we’ll migrate the site on over to a faster hosting provider and the load time will diminish greatly. But until then, we’ll just leave it where it’s at and hope that it doesn’t annoy too many of our early visitors!

Site Speed Test Results
This is GTmetrix’s report on our site’s speed as of 12/8/16.

While none of this likely enticing to potential visitors checking out our new site, we wanted to share this information for our own reference purposes as we intend on revisiting this post once we’ve moved the site to a new host. That way, we’ll be able to see just how slow it was before we moved it.