New Outdoor Gear Reviews Added

We’ve added a whole bunch of new reviews of outdoor gear to our website and we’d like to welcome you to take a look through them so if you care to, feel free to browse our recently added reviews. Who knows, you might find something you like!

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Our latest batch of reviews were primarily contributed by Lawrence, a New Englander who enjoys everything from running, kayaking, and hiking in the summer to snowboarding and playing video games in the winter. His insights are vast and his writing is impressive. We’re definitely lucky to have him on our staff. So here’s to Lawrence – cheers brother!

We’d like to take a moment to note that the opinions expressed on our website are our own and while we may have had positive or negative experiences with some products, our own experiences do not reflect those of all users. So just because we love or despise something doesn’t mean that you should harbor similar feelings without having put the gear to the test yourself. That said, take it all in with a grain of salt because after all, it’s just our opinions and who knows – you might find that you disagree with us on occasion.

Anyways, Lawrence’s latest reviews cover such products as slippers, sunglasses, running gloves, games, headphones, socks, jackets, sweatpants, and a whole bunch of other gear. If you’re interested in learning what he thinks about the various products he’s reviewed, be sure to visit our website and see what he has to say!