7th Season Is Now On WordPress

7th Season, a website dedicated to reviewing seasonal products, both indoor and out, is now on WordPress.com! That’s right, we’ve finally done it – we’ve gone and joined the masses who use WordPress to share their thoughts with the rest of the world. What is exactly that we’re here to share? Well, our thoughts on seasonal products, of course!

Where can you find our website? At 7thSeason.com! What do we do on our website? We review seasonal gear. Why? To help you find the best products for every season. And that’s not all. We also exist to help manufacturers design better products by offering them feedback in the form of product reviews. Pretty cool, eh?

7thSeason.com Website
The 7thSeason.com website as seen through the Google Chrome web browser on Windows 10. This is where you can find all of our seasonal gear reviews. Check it out!

But seeing as we’re all a bit under the weather today, we’re going to keep this post short. Be sure to bookmark and follow us to stay up to date on our latest developments, developments which we’ll touch on briefly before we sign off.

Earlier today, we officially launched our new blog here on WordPress. We also joined some social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. Of course, we’ll be sure to join some more in the near future, but for now, you can find us on both FB and Twitter.

At this point, we’ve added a wealth of original product reviews to our website which cover everything from winter gear like down-filled jackets and parkas to video game console systems and games themselves. Why do we review games? Well, winters are long and on those cold nights, playing video games is an awesome way to kick back and relax. But for the most part, our focus is on the gear that helps us stay warm, safe, and entertained. Which is why we review everything from summer’s kayaks and canoes to winter’s snowboards and skis. Not to mention all of the clothing and accessories that accompany such activities.

That’s all for now. Expect more from us in the near future. Until then, enjoy your life!


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