2016-17 Winter’s Current Impact Across The U.S.

Hey all. Just wanted to pop in real quick to share some news regarding the weather across the country.

In the U.S., winter has not only arrived, it is here to stay – at least in parts of the country. ABC News reports that officials have issued winter advisories in what is now just about 20 states across the U.S., which is surely a sign that for many, winter is finally upon us.

According to ABC News, the winter weather conditions are throwing a wrench into the plans of travelers across the US. Tough luck folks.

Up in New Hampshire, it seemingly came out of nowhere. All of a sudden, winter has set in upon us, blanketing our mountains with fresh snow. While not much has accumulated thus far, more is sure to come (if the meteorologists are correct). While Maine was recently hit hard, New Hampshire seemed to miss the brunt of it. Which, for snowboarders, skiers, and snowmobilers in the state, does not come as cheerful news. But if the weather reports are right, it won’t be long before we start to see some serious snow.

© 7thSeason.com
© 7thSeason.com

For those of us at 7th Season, we’re really looking forward to a white Christmas. The more snow the better if you ask us. Hopefully Mother Earth shares our sentiments regarding the snowfall. If all goes well, it won’t be long before the mountain near us opens up all of its lifts and trails. Here’s to hoping for some serious accumulation soon!